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The Breakthrough Coach is a program unlike any other.

The Breakthrough Coach is an educational training and consulting firm that supports school administrators to be transformational leaders who achieve student success in a sensible workweek.

For over 15 years, The Breakthrough Coach Program has been foundational for new administrators, and life-altering for experienced ones. With a track record of reducing administrators' workloads by 15-20 hours per week AND multiplying their time in classrooms by 500%, The Breakthrough Coach teaches school leaders how to build productive front-office environments that then free them up to focus on creating sustainable, school-wide improvement.

The Breakthrough Coach is profound - the answer to how to increase student achievement and have a healthy personal life.

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Founded in 1998, The Breakthrough Coach has worked with over 70,000 administrators and their secretaries in the United States and around the world, and has been a featured presenter at numerous professional and academic gatherings. The overwhelmingly positive response to our presentations has resulted in numerous repeat invitations, and are an indication of the way The Breakthrough Coach resonates with educators who are hungry for new ways to transform their instructional leadership practice. A partial list of our presentation venues includes:

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School Districts From Coast To Coast Implement The Breakthrough Coach

Schools and school districts across the United States have discovered that they can achieve dramatic success through implementation of The Breakthrough Coach Program. A partial list of our clients includes: