Two days. One life-changing program.

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The Breakthrough Coach 2-Day Course

Two Days. One Life-Changing Program.

You're passionate about your job. You're driven to produce results. You work hard to make a difference, routinely putting in over 60 hours each week for the sake of your school's achievement. And you're exhausted.

The 2-Day Course is unlike any other, designed to present and teach administrative teams The Breakthrough Coach's Fundamental Practices™. With a focus on executive management rather than on education, the 2-Day Course provides you with the structure and systems you need to get it all done, and produce the results you're after, all in a sensible work week.

The Breakthrough Coach's proven method that has reshaped the lives of administrators across the globe by enabling them to:

  • Spend two full days each week observing classrooms
  • Work more efficiently
  • Empower their staff
  • Enjoy work-life balance
  • Raise student achievement

All in a sensible work week.

The 2-Day Course is the foundation of your Breakthrough Coach journey.

Don't wait to take the first step in transforming your school community and your life with The Breakthrough Coach.

Who Should Attend:

Site Principals, District Office Supervisors, Cabinet-Level Administrators, and their Secretaries.

Course Format:

Conducted over two full days; Includes lecture, small group discussion, Q&A, and hands-on implementation between administrators and secretaries.

Administrators attend Day 1 & 2; Secretaries attend Day 2 ONLY with their administrators

Course Outline:

  • The Breakthrough Coach (TBC): Expertise in School Management
  • Breakthrough Thinking: Philosophical Underpinnings of TBC's Approach
  • Who Comes to this Program? Administrators Speak About What's at Stake
  • Program Ground Rules: Etiquette for Participation and Group Learning
A Brief History of the Principalship
  • Where we are today
  • Management Redefined: What It Is…What It Isn't…Why It Matters?
  • Form Follows Function: The Principal's Office Deconstructed for High Performance
  • Producing a Breakthrough in Results: 7 Steps on the Road Less Traveled
The Secretary As Managerial Partner
  • Oh, What a Tangled Web We've Woven...
  • The Job of the School Secretary Redefined
  • 10 Most Effective Ways to Work with a Secretary
Linguistic Distinctions for School Leaders
  • Defining Requests, Satisfaction Requirements & Accountability
  • Negotiating Promises, Declines & Counteroffers
  • On Becoming The School's Language Leader
Building Community Support
  • How to Involve District Office, Staff, and Parents in this Initiative
Principal + Secretary = Executive Team: Bringing the Skill Sets Together
  • Working the Fundamentals Cooperatively
  • Hands-On Practice with Coaching
Completion and Goal Setting
  • Conversation for Implementation

"The Breakthrough Coach is first class. I was working 17 hour days prior to the training - now only 8 - and my math scores have doubled in one year!"

Shimon Waronker, Past Principal,
Jordan L. Mott Middle School, New York, NY

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