School Leadership & Time Management Strategies for Administrators

A Leadership Program For All Educational Administrators

What if you went to work every day excited and left with a sense of accomplishment? What if you had the time, energy and focus to execute your school's vision? What if you could improve your life and your organization at the same time? This is the promise of The Breakthrough Coach.

If you have exhausted yourself working long hours with little to show for it, or lost confidence in yourself as a school leader, there is a better way—one that reduces stress, puts you in control, and positions you for greater success. Instead of spending your workdays buried under mountains of paper and falling farther behind on your plans, you will be able to work with real purpose, accomplishing much more in less time. You will be able to spend two full days each week observing classrooms and significantly impact your teachers and students. And, at the end of the day, you will be able to leave work at work, and have the time to take care of your own well-being, family and interests.

It begins with a new understanding of your role as a school executive - what the job is and, more importantly, what it isn’t. Administrators describe this new realization as incredibly “eye-opening” and “liberating” for them. Administrators also gain an understanding of what being a school executive looks like in practice - how an executive trains, develops and embeds leadership capacity in staff at every level. The Breakthrough Coach gives you a framework for empowering those around you to keep agendas moving forward, and a system for managing it all in an entirely new and more effective way. This allows you, the school executive, to focus on what’s truly important.

The Breakthrough Coach offers a lifeline for every kind of educational leader, from site-based principals to cabinet-level teams. Our immersive 2-Day School Leadership Course teaches administrators and their secretaries how to implement The Breakthrough Coach Fundamental Practices™ in their own environments. The program also provides Graduate Support and Graduate Courses to help ensure long-term success.

With a proven method that has reshaped the lives of administrators across the globe, The Breakthrough Coach provides you with the structure to:

  • Spend two full days each week observing classrooms
  • Work more efficiently
  • Empower your staff
  • Enjoy work-life balance
  • Raise student achievement
  • All in a sensible work week!

"The Breakthrough Coach has enabled me to engage in activities designed to empower everyone in the educational community to reach their full potential. I have the time, the energy and the intentional focus to empower every stakeholder to focus on the learner."

Tom Rooney, Superintendent, Lindsay Unified, Lindsay, CA