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School Leadership Graduate Courses

The Breakthrough Coach stands ready to help you be successful in your implementation of the FundamentalsTM. In addition to the Breakthrough Coach Graduate Support Toolkit you received at the 2-Day, additional graduate support options and courses are available to you including:

Personal Coaching


Some Breakthrough Coach 2-Day Graduates “intensify their learning” by bringing on a personal leadership coach to help apply The Breakthrough Coach practices in their school or district.

With an experienced Breakthrough Coach Master Practitioner as your personal leadership coach, you benefit from:

  • Ongoing support, guidance and actionable feedback in real time
  • Personalized, practical advice and tips along with strategic next steps to achieve them
  • A great sounding board for your questions or challenges with a coach who listens first
  • Structure and accountability to apply Breakthrough Coach principles with fidelity
  • Seeing how applying these practices builds success for you and your school month by month

“We're hitting a perfect storm right now – Common Core, a new assessment system and a new teacher evaluation system – but because of the structure of the Breakthrough principles and the support I get from my coach, we're weathering the storm. I honestly believe we are on the track to a significant breakthrough in student performance because of how we're managing all these things.”

Steve Rabb, Principal, Enumclaw Middle School, Enumclaw, WA

Call 904.280.3052 for more information

Room Support Team


Many of our graduates tell us that they derive great value from attending our courses multiple times. With this in mind, we regularly invite our Breakthrough Coach "Champions" to come and review, free-of-charge, any of our upcoming courses in their local area and contribute their insights and know-how to the success of the event. Their support of our course leaders is an invaluable contribution to the spirit of the room. And when our graduates volunteer on Room Support Team, they get to re-immerse themselves in The Breakthrough Coach in a deeper and more meaningful way.

"I don't often thank people for the opportunity to volunteer, but The Breakthrough Coach is a special organization. Every time I volunteer I learn something new."

Efren Toledo, OA Thorp Academy, Chicago Public Schools

If you would like to participate on your local Room Support Team this year, please contact us.