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School Leadership Graduate Support

The Breakthrough Coach stands ready to help you be successful in your implementation of the Fundamentals™. Every 2-Day Graduate receives an invaluable toolkit of support resources and materials to further enable their learning including:

The Breakthrough Coach Podcast Series and Mobile App

Our free Podcast Support Series is an essential resource for graduates who are implementing The Fundamental Practices™. This 12-session audio series answers frequently asked questions and provides specific steps for daily practice. The podcast series’ portability and pacing encourages listeners to master one step at a time as they progress through the implementation process.

The Breakthrough Coach FREE Mobile App for iPhone and iPad enables podcast listeners to access our coaching on demand, from their back pockets. The app’s custom-designed time-tracking device also allows users to track hours spent on specific tasks, including time spent observing classrooms - an essential tool for measuring and monitoring your growth.


Our Clean Your Office Video demonstrates how to conquer the battle against clutter, diminish front-office distractions and minimize interruptions. By focusing on the administrator's office, the secretary's area and the back room, viewers learn how to physically transform their work spaces to cause breakthroughs in their time and results. Click here to view more videos.

Scheduling Workbook

Using our step-by-step guide, secretaries quickly learn how to put Breakthrough Scheduling™ into practice. Complete with templates and tips for balancing priorities, this workbook teaches secretaries how to build their executives' calendars to support their staff development goals. More workbooks are available through our Graduate Portal.

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