Jill Pancoast, V.P. & Managing Partner | The Breakthrough Coach

Jill Pancoast, V.P. & Managing Partner

Jill Pancoast has been involved in professional development for managers since 1994, including 5 years as CEO of her own executive coaching firm. Jill and Malachi Pancoast founded The Breakthrough Coach in 2001, with the objective of translating their knowledge of effective business management practices to the education environment.

Ms. Pancoast is co-author and lead presenter of From the Front Office to the Classroom, TBC’s ongoing coaching program for 2-Day graduates that guides clients during their initial year of implementation. After leading From the Front Office for five years, Ms. Pancoast synthesized the curriculum and developed the Podcast Support Series, a TBC product which is now distributed to all 2-Day graduates. She is a senior presenter for TBC and trains TBC’s presenters and coaches throughout the United States. Since 2005, Ms. Pancoast has coached over 200 administrators in urban, suburban and rural school districts including New York City, suburban Denver, and the Texas panhandle. She has been instrumental in helping them become effective instructional leaders: overseeing breakthrough improvements in student achievement, even as they dramatically decrease their workloads.

Ms. Pancoast has been a featured speaker for several national and international educator organizations, including the National Association of Secondary School Principals, the National Association of Supervisors and Curriculum Developers, and the European Council of International Schools.