Malachi Pancoast, President and Founder | The Breakthrough Coach

Malachi Pancoast, President and Founder

Malachi Pancoast has been helping organizations produce breakthrough improvements in performance, productivity, and employee satisfaction since 1986, when he founded his own business consulting firm. His clients typically reported a 200-300% increase in profitability within one year of their work with Mr. Pancoast.

Mr. Pancoast began applying his Breakthrough Coach Management Methodology™ to his work with instructional leaders in 1998, and founded The Breakthrough Coach in 2001. His efforts have led to dramatic increases in student achievement, staff satisfaction, retention, and productivity of administrative teams in schools and districts where TBC’s Management Methodology™ has been fully implemented.

Malachi Pancoast has led seminars and workshops on transformational leadership for instructional leaders throughout the United States and internationally. He has been a featured presenter in both professional and academic settings, including the Harvard Graduate School of Education, the University of Edinburgh, and the National Associations of Elementary and Secondary School Principals.