Educational Leadership Program For Education Associations


Today’s educational leaders are overwhelmed. In a work culture where administrators are responsible for everything, they are drowning. They have more work than they could possibly do in a day, week, month or year. Yet, they are expected to be in the classrooms more than ever. Heavily evaluated on their educational leadership, many are at the breaking point.

The Breakthrough Coach gives your members a lifeline – a way for educational leaders to streamline their work, increase their time in classrooms and improve student achievement.

The Breakthrough Coach’s proven practices:

  • Help leaders effectively organize their day so they can be out in the classrooms two or more days per week
  • Elevate the role of the secretary to an executive assistant who, together with the Administrator, streamlines the work
  • Result in work/life balance for administrators and their secretaries

“It’s a lifeline for administrators who feel like they’re drowning. They don’t have to stay at work till 9 pm at night and come in at 6 am anymore. And, it’s not just administrators who benefit from this, the kids benefit.”

Sarah West, Association Interim Executive Director, Executive Director
Georgia Council of Administrators of Special Education