Management Courses For School Districts


The Breakthrough Coach Program has helped thousands of district office and site administrators get into classrooms regularly to guide and support teachers so that students receive quality instruction. At the same time, these leaders have been able to dramatically reduce their workloads by 15-20 hours every week.

Your district’s administrators can achieve these results too. The Breakthrough Coach’s proven school management philosophy and Fundamental Practices™ enable instructional leaders to:

  • Spend 2 full days in classrooms every week
  • Increase efficiency
  • Empower and coach staff
  • Achieve work/life balance
  • Raise student achievement

The Breakthrough Coach Program teaches district administrative teams how to operationalize these practices systematically over 12 months, and to achieve long-term, sustainable results.

The 2-Day: The program begins with the 2-Day for all administrative teams. In this foundational course, The Breakthrough Coach introduces participants to a new philosophy of school management, combined with the Fundamental Practices™ that make it possible for administrators to spend two full days every week in classrooms. Follow-on support materials are provided to all graduates to aid in the process of adopting and executing these practices.

Personalized Executive Coaching During a district’s 12-month implementation, key cabinet-level administrators receive individual coaching from a Breakthrough Coach Master Practitioner to help them effectively model the program and support their administrative teams. This ongoing one-on-one guidance provides powerful listening and feedback in real time, along with strategic action items to move the entire district forward.

The Day 3: 2-Day Graduate teams reconvene four months into their Breakthrough Coach implementation for Day 3. Led by a Breakthrough Coach Master Practitioner, this interactive one-day session brings the teams together again to share, problem-solve and refine their individual application of the practices in order to achieve greater fidelity and amplify results.

District clients describe The Breakthrough Coach Program as powerful, life-changing and completely different from any other professional development program they have ever attended.


We encourage you and your administrators to experience the transformational effect of The Breakthrough Coach in your district.

“We’re seeing major progress in closing the achievement gap because our principals have spent the time in classrooms, recognizing that's their job. Having a focus on instructional leadership and providing principals tools to do that without burning them out I think has been a critical reason why we're finding the success in our district. ”

Dan Snowberger, Superintendent, Durango School District 9-R, Durango, CO