How to Get Your Colleagues On-Board with The Breakthrough Coach


I debrief with many of our Foundations Course Graduates and I am repeatedly blown away by the enormous energy they bring to these conversations. You can hear it in their voices – the deep satisfaction that comes from knowing they’re making a real difference with the people and projects that matter most. TBC champions would gladly hike to the top of any nearby mountain to proclaim, “You’ve got to do this! You’ve got to do The Breakthrough Coach!”

To our proponents everywhere, thank you. We are grateful for your passion and your partnership, and we are committed to supporting you in your efforts to bring your peers along. With this in mind, we have some helpful hints and tips for introducing The Breakthrough Coach to your colleagues that will leave them intrigued and wanting to know more.

#1. Share Yourself

Have you ever noticed that people are most attracted to you when you are joyful, confident and fully present? When you’re in good mental and emotional shape, the people you encounter can’t help but feel your vibe and you create multiple, “I’ll have what she’s having,” moments all around you. Show up at your next admin meeting “in good shape” and guaranteed, someone will ask, “How are you doing? “ This is your opening for talking about The Breakthrough Coach.

#2. Brag a Little

When asked, “How are you doing?” don’t hold back. Say something bold like “I’m great! Spent 10 hours last week in classrooms and I’m leaving work every day by 4:30!” Then widen your smile as all heads around the table turn your way.

#3. Reveal What’s Working

Now that everyone is staring open-mouthed at you, you can anticipate the following question: “Wow! How are you doing that?” This is when you reveal what you have been up to. “I’m working with my secretary in a different way. She’s managing my calendar and my priorities. She makes sure I’m where I need to be each day and she’s taken on running the front office. It’s working great!”

CAUTION: You might have colleagues who have heard of The Breakthrough Coach and think, “That’s the program that doesn’t let you have photos of your family in your office,” or “Those are the guys who tell you to delegate all your work.” Avoid detailing concepts like Manager-Technician, the Impeccable Office and/or the Daily Secretary Meeting. Without the appropriate context, this jargon mostly falls on deaf and/or confused ears. Focus on the fact that you’re doing what you love and things are running smoothly.

#4. Generate Intrigue

By this point, your infectious zeal will have sufficiently stimulated your audience that someone is bound to ask, “When did you start doing that?” This is your cue to let it rip. “I attended The Breakthrough Coach! Learned a whole new way to run the front office that has me in classrooms two full days every week and leaving work on time. It’s powerful stuff. I highly recommend it!”

Having fully experienced this new and improved version of you, any administrator with a pulse will now be chomping at the bit. So pull up our homepage and roll the Foundations Course film, (very compelling), or offer to take your colleagues to coffee to share more, or contact us directly to explore the possibility of scheduling a Breakthrough Coach Conference Session for your group. Either way, you will have initiated a powerful, peer-driven conversation that will alter you and your colleagues for many months to come.