Time Management Tools

In our last post, we looked at common habits that can keep you from working efficiently and suggested ways to reduce the distractions that waste your time. If you are an alumni of The Breakthrough Coach, you have access to a set of tools you can use to take your efficiency to new levels and successfully implement what you have learned in our program. Read on for a brief overview of the resources our graduates can access anytime online.

Forms and Guides

After signing in to the Graduate Portal, click the Client Forms tab. You’ll find the following and much more:

Scheduling Workbook: Our Breakthrough Scheduling™ methodology provides what others miss, such as awareness of a typical day’s activities and workflow; an accurate presentation of how people really view their time; and a thoughtful process to handle anomalies. The workbook covers the entire day, from a procedure for daily arrival to schedules for standard meetings, coaching time, personal activity time, and much more. Calendars for each segment of the day are included to help you maximize the effectiveness of this Fundamental Practice.

Accountability Log: This simple form helps you track who is responsible for what task and by when.

Integrity Checklist: Build trust by strengthening your ability to give and keep your word instead of overpromising and under-delivering. The Integrity Checklist is designed to help you focus your attention on the specific actions you want to practice every day and recognize what is and isn’t working.


Additional Tools
Also included under the Client Forms tabs are more time-saving tools, such as a letter to help you manage parents’ expectations for making yourself available to meet with them or take their calls; a morning meeting checklist protocol; suggested email responses; and more.


The Breakthrough Coach Podcast Series helps you deal with the initial challenges you may face as you implement your new way of working. You can access these 30-minute discussions and download them to listen to at your convenience.

After signing in to the Graduate Portal, start with our Podcast User’s Guide for instructions on how to easily download our mobile app for both iOS and Android users. You’ll also find a summary of each podcast and questions to guide your listening. Topics include:

  • An Introduction to Coaching
  • Clean Your Office Again … Really
  • How to Conduct a Productive Daily Secretary Meeting
  • Build Your Capacity to Make and Manage Requests
  • How to Roll Out TBC to Your School Community
  • Breakthrough Scheduling: The 4th Fundamental Practice
  • Integrity: The Key to Continuous Breakthroughs
  • Cut Your Email Down to Size in Two Weeks’ Time or Less
  • How to Make Coaching Days Work for Everyone
  • How To Make Office Days Work for Everyone
  • Celebrate Your Progress and Plan for More
  • Networks to Navigate By

Learn More

If you have questions about the tools available to graduates—or if you are new to The Breakthrough Coach and want to learn more about our proven, life-altering leadership programs—please get in touch.