My Pandemic Year of Personal Coaching: A Conversation with Patrick O’Connor, Principal, Park Orchard Elementary, Kent, WA

How has TBC’s Personal Coaching Program helped you survive this past year?

The support we’ve received from our TBC coach has been invaluable. We’ve become much more organized and proactive, and effectively managed the ebbs and flows of this unprecedented year. I’ve also decreased my work week by about 7 hours every week – that’s a whole day every week – which has given me the ability to care for myself and my family during this crazy time.

How is TBC’s Personal Coaching Program different?

TBC’s Personal Coaching Program teaches school leaders how to build school-wide structures and systems that create the conditions for staff and student success. The program also provides the accountability my team and I need to give and keep our word, do what we say we will do, and teach these critical skills to the people who work for us.

What’s been the return on investment for your school?

I can say, without hesitation, that TBC’s Personal Coaching Program has been the most impactful professional development I’ve received in 5 years as principal, and our school is reaping the benefits. We now have clear and omnipresent goals. We have a clear organizational structure with defined roles and responsibilities. We’re focused on the most important work and we’re moving the needle on student achievement even in the midst of a global pandemic. We now have the attention of our central office and we’re confident in our ability to produce results.

What have you learned about yourself?

I’m learning I can do the principal job and have a satisfying life at the same time. I’m learning how to do less, while staying focused on the work that truly matters – the work that only I can do. And when I’m off, I’m off, no questions asked. Best of all, I’m feeling confident and having more fun.

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