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Because of The Breakthrough Coach...

“I have the time, the energy and the intentional focus to empower every stakeholder.”

- Tom Rooney, Superintendent, Lindsay Unified School District, Lindsay, CA
Because of The Breakthrough Coach...

“I go to work excited for the day and when I drive away, I feel a sense of accomplishment.”

- Aisha Thomas, Principal, Zach Elementary School, Fort Collins, CO

“The Breakthrough Coach is truly life changing.”

- Jeanette Johnson, Director, McFatter Technical College/McFatter Technical High School, Davie, FL
Because of The Breakthrough Coach...

“I am in control of my time.”

- Andy Johnson, Principal, Valley Elementary School, Poway, CA

Welcome to The Breakthrough Coach!

We’re glad you found us. We understand how challenging your position can be: logging long hours at the office, putting out administrative fires, and struggling to find time to do the things that matter most – hour by hour, until there aren’t any days left in the week.

Our proven set of Fundamental Practices™ in school leadership allows you to:

The Breakthrough Coach Program enables educational leaders like you to transform your school community – and your life.

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17 Sep

The End of the Open Door Policy

One of the most detrimental habits I confront when coaching executives is the “Open Door Policy”. When an executive is available to all people, for all things, at all times, the net result is... read more